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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

We all experience challenges in all aspects of our life. Challenges are gifts from heaven to purify and to grow in our physical and spiritual journey. To welcome challenges with gratitude and as gifts is the first step of healing and transforming.
How can we welcome challenges? How can we respond with gratitude?

I want to share with you a very powerful way that helped me. Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, my spiritual father offers many ways for humanity to remove suffering, to heal and to transform. He created Tao Soul Light Calligraphy rooms with unique and sacred Tao Soul Light Calligraphys, which carries the frequency and vibration of the Source and countless divine and Tao saints, temples and treasures. They can transform any aspect of life. The Tao Soul Light Calligraphy rooms are sacred spaces and I had the great honor to have several healing sessions in the Tao Soul Light Calligraphy room in Frankfurt. To be in this sacred Calligraphy space is transforming beyond words. For myself it is like a step into quietness and stillness, of being embraced and healed with unending love of all layers of heaven. Blockages are removed and lightness comes up. It calms my mind and fills my heart with love and gratitude.

I encourage each of you to experience the sacred Calligraphy field in one of the Tao Healing Centers, in Berlin and Frankfurt, in Honolulu Hawaii, Toronto,Vancouver or San Francisco. When you have challenges in your life on the pyhsical, emotional, mental or spirital level, in relationships or finances join a healing a session in the Tao Soul Light Calligraphy room. This is a very powerful way to transform and to open the heart to gratitude. Before you start the session you can make a request for your current challenge or just ask to remove soul heart mind and body blockages that are currently present in your life. 

Here is an experience from a young women:
"It is a space of peace, stillness and joy. It is always different and new. It is a deep connection with myself, a mirror and answer to myself. It happens all time exactly what I need. I don´t know what happens but afterwards I feel always transformed, more free and much more connected with myself. I am very grateful."

With gratitude and love
Master Elisabeth

Monday, December 1, 2014

How to balance yin and yang?

"Yin Yang alternating practice is to balance yin and yang and to join yin and yang as One, which is to meld with Tao". Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha 

Yin and Yang is a universal law and principle that summarizes everything. Anything and everything has Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang is in all aspects of life. Yin represents the nature of water, cold, calm, Mother Earth. Yang represents the nature of fire, heat, activity, heaven.

Traditional Chinese medicine says all sickness, all kinds of problems is due to an imbalance of yin and yang.The Tao normal and reverse creation teaches us the way of self-healing, rejuvenation, longevity and immortality. There is a smaller circle of Tao within this the Tao circle which means: Tao is One, One creates Two, Two is yin and yang, heaven and earth. To join Yin and Yang as One  is reverse creation, is to become One, to return to and meld with Tao. This includes to heal ourselves, to purify the soul, heart, mind and body, to heal and transform Shen Chi Jing blockages, to transform emotions, to open our hearts, to transform relationships and finances, to open and develop spiritual channels, to move on your soul journey, to rejuvenate, to prolong our life and more.

How can we bring yin and yang in balance?  We join theory and practice together. 

I`ll  like to share a wonderful practice with you that has helped me a lot. This practice includes the practice to strengthening the fundamental energy (Ming Gong) and the practice of developing intelligence and wisdom (Xing Gong) and will balance Yin and Yang in our body.

The Bai Hui acupuncture point on the crown and the Hui Yin acupuncture point on the perineum collect the yang and yin essences of heaven and earth and the yin and yang energy of the body and can balance yin and yang in our body. 
When yin and yang of the body are in balance, we are healthy!

Listen and practice with me:

I wish you much joy and success with this practice.
Much love and light,
Master Elisabeth

Monday, November 10, 2014

My Tao journey is a journey with my beloved spiritual father  Master Sha, it is a journey from separation to  oneness,  from heart opening , re -alignment and surrender. A journey of coming home.

Recently I had a very profound, heart touching and opening experience with Master Sha. It was in the Netherlands when I had the great honor to receive a Tao Chang field blessing while sitting  in front of Master Sha.  This blessing from the Tao was one of my deepest and profoundest experiences. I stepped into a field of no time, no space, like Wu Shi Kong as described in the Tao Jing. It was a field of unconditional love. No thinking. No judgement. LOVE. Greatest LOVE, endless LOVE, unconditional LOVE. I felt one. I was hold and surrounded by the purity and beauty of love from the Tao. I wanted to stay in this condition and didn´t want to come back. Blockages from all levels were washed away through the greatest kindness and generosity that Master Sha offered to us.

I cannot express my gratitude in words for this experience which brought so much light in my heart and soul. Which purified and opened my heart further. I understood this is where I want to go and that I need to purify and serve much more. Master Sha offers us the way to step out of suffering, of separation in order to heal, to transform and to become one again,  to reach longevity , immortality, to reach the Tao to melt with the Tao. 

Tao teachings, Tao wisdom and Tao knowledge, Tao practice is the way to transform all life.

Since 2010 i joined all Tao retreats and each retreat was unique and special. Each time Master Sha released new and sacred wisdom, knowledge and practices.

To study the Tao is to learn highest philosophy and practice.  

Join the Tao retreats with Master Sha –  take the fastest way to healing, rejuvenation, longevity and immortaltiy let us take the rocket ship to the Tao. 

Nov.11-22 Tao I-IV and Nov24-28 Tao V, Sedona, Arizona, in person or via webcast.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Powerful Tao Mantra

 to heal and to transform every aspect of life 

The  Mantra Shen Chi Jing He Yi is one of my favorite mantras and one of the most powerful mantras for self-healing and transformation that Master Sha teaches in the Tao I and Tao II book. Shen, Jing Chi is the term used in ancient teachings for soul, heart, mind and body. Shen means soul, heart and mind, Chi means energy, Jing means matter, He Yi means join as one. All diseases and any imbalance is due to  Shen and Chi Jing are not aligned as one. Each and everything is made ​​of Shen Chi and Jing. Master Sha teaches: "Da Tao Zhi Jian" "The big way is extremely simple." With the chanting of the mantra  Shen Chi Jing He Yi your Shen Chi Jing become  one. You can  use this mantra for all aspects of your life and create your own Soul Healing Miracles.

Practice on Blog Talk Radio:
Body Power:
Put one palm below the navel and the other palm on the back, opposite the navel on the Ming Men accupuncture point.
Mind Power:
Visualizes bright, golden light in the Ming Meng accupuncture point or in the whole lower abdomen
Soul Power: 
Dear Shen Chi Jing of all aspects of my life
I love, honor and appreciate you.
You have the power to heal and transform yourself
Do your a good job.Thank you.
Dear Divine 
Dear Tao
Dear the Source
Dear Soul of Master Sha
Dear Tao Mantra Shen Chi Jing He Yi
I love, honor and appreciate you.
Please heal my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body
transform my relationships and finances
boost my energy, stamina, vitality and immunity
and transform every aspect of my life.
I am deeply grateful and appreciative.
Thank you.
Sound Power:
Chanting 10 minutes or longer, loud and  silently
Shen Chi Jing He Yi, 
Shen Chi Jing He Yi, 
Shen Chi Jing He Yi,
Shen Chi Jing He Yi 
Close the practice by saying: 
Hao.Hao.Hao. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Gong Song. Gong Song. Gong Song.

I wish you much joy and success with the practice. We all have the great honor and opportunity  to listen to more profound Tao teachings with  Master Sha at the Tao Retreats  I- V from Novemer11- 28, 2014 in Sedona. I will be there and look forward to see you - you can attend in person or via webcast. 

I love you all,
Master Elisabeth

Tuesday July 22, 2014

Open your heart - the way to inner joy
Many people have closed their hearts after painful, hurtful or even disappointing experiences. Feelings of sadness, being alone and being disconnected can then be present. In this situation, it is difficult to open the heart and to connect with joy, lightness, serenity and happiness.Often we are looking for solutions through other persons, hope or expect to be seen, appreciated and to be "redeemed" by the love, affection and approval of people close to us .
We all have a physical heart and a spiritual heart. Our spiritual heart is located in the center of the chest area, behind the sternum, in the teachings of Master Sha and soul mind body medicine it is called message center and known to many as the heart chakra. It is important for all healing and transformation processes for all aspects of life. It is the center of love, compassion, forgiveness, all feelings and significant for the opening and development of our hearts and the spiritual channels. To bring inner joy, happiness and lightness in our lives, it is important to clean our physical and spiritual heart and open it more.
The path to an open, joyful and loving heart is within us. The first step is to recognize our feelings such as sadness, disappointment, anger and more, to
 name it and to listen to our heart and our soul for the next step.
We can speak directly to our soul: "My dear soul, what is now important for me in my life to change, to open my heart further?" Your soul knows the answer. Let go your mind and listen to the message of your heart and your soul. Take a moment of silence.

The following practice with using the 4 power techniques of soul mind body medicine has enormous power to further open our hearts:
Body power:
Put one palm on your message Centre (heart chakra), the other palm below the navel on the lower abdomen.
Soul power: 
Dear  soul, mind and body of my heart
I love you.
You have the power to purify completely, to remove soul mind body blockages and to fully open.
Thank you.
Mind power:
Visualize your heart and Message Center surrounded by golden, bright light
Sound power:
Repeat again and again:
My heart heals and opens fully.
My heart heals and opens fully.
My heart heals and opens fully.
My heart heals and opens fully.

Practice 5-10 minutes, few times a day and experience the powerful effect of this simple practice. A Chinese proverb says: "If you want to know if a pear is sweet,taste it. Master Sha says: "If you want to know how soul healing works, try and experience soul healing."
You can boost the power of this practice even more when you ask the Divine and universal light for healing and transformation:

Dear Divine,  dear soul mind and body of  universal light
I love, honor and appreciate you.
Please transform my feelings of sadness, disconnection, light and open my heart to joy and lightness
I am very grateful.
Thank you.

I wish all of you much joy with the practices.
Have a happy, joyful and open heart.
Master Elisabeth

Sunday April 20, 2014

Dear beloved souls,
Happy Easter to all of you.    
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Easter is a special time. It is a time of beginning and growing. It is a time with a special frequency and vibration, deep connection to heaven, of peace and protection. I always loved these days and felt special calmness, peace, happiness and joy around these days. It is also a day of family, all come together, laugh and enjoy each other. I am happy and grateful to be with my family today. My parents taught us to be grateful, loving and joyful, to be grateful about the opportunity to be together and how blessed we are, how loved we are, that God takes care about us all time, no matter what happens and how big our challenges may be. I am very grateful for the love, care, heart and compassion of my parents for my sisters, brothers and all family members.

Gratitude opens our heart. Gratitude is the key for joy and happiness.
Let us do a practice to express the gratitude in our life.

Body power:
Put the right palm below the navel and the left palm on your heart
Soul power:
Dear Divine, dear the Tao, dear the Source,
Dear all spiritual fathers and mothers in heaven and on Mother Earth
Dear all of my heavens team
I love you, honor you and appreciate you.
I thank you for all the blessings, love, care, forgiveness and compassion in my life.
Please fully open my heart and soul.
Please purify my heart and soul.
I am very honored and grateful.
Mind power:
Visualize golden and rainbow light in your heart.
Sound power:
I am grateful.
I am grateful.
I am grateful.
I am grateful.

I am grateful for all the blessings in my life.
I am grateful for the love in my life.
I am grateful for the forgiveness I received.
I am grateful for my spiritual father and teacher Master Sha.
I am grateful for all the guidance for my soul journey.
I am grateful for all karma cleansings I received.
I am grateful for my parents.
I am grateful for my daughter.
I am grateful for my family.
I am grateful for my friends.
I am grateful for the nature.
I am grateful for the animals.
I am grateful for the food.
I am grateful for the water.
I am grateful....
Continue or repeat all sentences 5 to 10 minutes.

Feel the joy and happiness coming up in your heart.
Radiate the love and joy.

I wish all of you peaceful and joyous Easter.
Love you all.
Master Elisabeth

February 14, 2014
Valentine´s Day- Day of Love

Dear Ones,

 : Silhouette junges Paar macht Herz Form mit Waffen am Strand bei Sonnenuntergang StockfotoValentines Day is a beautiful day to show our love and gratitude to all our loved ones. It is a  wonderful opportunity to remind us that love is the greatest gift in our life.
Master Sha - my beloved spiritual teacher - brought a great message and teaching to humanity:
" Love melts all blockages and transforms all life".
Can you feel the power of this message?
Read, speak or even think this words and transformation starts.
It is a great way to open our heart further and fill it with love.

I want to share with you what I learned about love. I realized that throughout my life I closed my heart to some people in order to protect myself from beeing hurt or harmed. Now I`m aware that this meant my heart was not fully open to experience deeper joy, love, happiness and more.
I needed to learn to open my heart again to feel the love and joy within me and from others.

A good way for me to start to open my heart further and further was to offer LOVE to my heart, to offer LOVE to myself. I´ll share with you one powerful practice.
I experienced singing is a very powerful way to open my heart.
Singing fills my heart with joy.
Singing connects me with my heart and soul
Singing brings me in the condition of love.
Singing connects me with the Divine.

Let us practice together with the four-power-techniques.

Body Power: Put one palm below the navel, the other palm on your heart
Soul Power:  Say "Dear soul mind and body of my heart. I love you. You have the power to heal and fully  open. Do a great job. Thank you."
"Dear soul, mind and body of Da Ai- greatest love, I love you.Please bless me, please open my heart further Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."
Mind Power: Visualize golden or rainbow light in your heart
Sound Power: Chant this beautiful mantra to offer Love, Da Ai - greatest Love

Da Ai, Da Ai
Opens my heart and Soul
Da Ai, Da Ai
Opens my heart and Soul
Da Ai, Da Ai
Opens my heart and Soul

Da Ai, Da Ai
Fills my heart with joy
Da Ai, Da Ai
fills my heart with joy
Da Ai, Da Ai
fills my heart with joy.

Da Ai, Da Ai
Makes me happy
Da Ai, Da Ai
Makes me happy
Da Ai, Da Ai
Makes me happy.

Sing 5-10 minutes or longer 3 times per day-
Invite a friend to chant along with you and the joy and transformation power will increase.....

My greatest love to all of you.
Master Elisabeth

January, 2014
DA AI - Greatest Love- Powerful Practice For Self-Love

My dearest students and all souls (reading this blog) I send you my deepest love from Canada. 

Even as my soul is so happy and delighted to be with my most beloved spiritual teacher Master Sha my heart misses you so much! I am sending all of you my love with this beautiful practice that the Divine flowed to me. 
This practice has helped me transform my heart and soul and I hope it will help you heal and open your heart and soul as well. We can truly have the unconditional love we have always dreamed off, we can have the most beautiful and successful relationships, we can have success in all aspects of our life if we only we learn to love ourselves and open our hearts and souls to the Divine! Join me now in this chanting practice and do let me know how it helped you.

With Greatest Love
Master Elisabeth 

November 11, 2013

Soul enlightenment is one of the greatest treasures

Soul enlightenment is one of the greatest treasures we can receive for our life and soul journey.
The goal of our spiritual journey is to uplift our soul standing in heaven in order to increase our abilities to heal and to serve humanity and all souls.
Traditionally  a soul need thousands of lifetimes of good service to reach soul enlightenment.
The first Soul enlightenment order I have received was 2008 in Montreal. I was very excited. Master Sha prepared all participants during five days for this special order. We did a lot of chanting practices for the seven Soul Houses to purify our soul, heart mind and body, we have received sacred teachings with new and ancient wisdom. This retreat and soul enlightenment order was a very profound experience that  transformed my enitre life, especially my emotions. The shift I felt was incredible and other people (around me) felt the difference too.
Since that time I had the great opportunity to receive additional soul enlightenment orders, also for my family and ancestors. To offer  the soul enlightenment orders for my  family members and ancestors was very moving and heart touching for me. It is a gift that is indescribable in words - for those who receive the soul enlightenment as well for the one who offer it. I am very grateful for the soul enlightenment and will grab the next opportunity again. Heaven will close this special offer at the end of the year 2013.

Grab the opportunity for yourself and for your loved ones. It is an honor beyond words and comprehension, it will benefit all life and it is a gift that will outlast this lifetime.

With deepest gratitude to heaven and my spiritual father Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha
Love you all.
Master Elisabeth

November 8, 2013

Tao Retreat - a profound and unique experience        

Today the Tao Retreat begins in Estes Park, Colorado with Dr. and Master Sha - and it includes also a Soul Enlightenment Retreat.

Since 2010 I have participated every year in the Tao Retreats with Master Sha , they were for my physical and spiritual journey of the utmost importance. For me these days were always full of deep cleansings at all levels with deep new insights and great heart opening. A Tao Retreat is a special event , it is transformation, cleansing, healing, love, joy, heart opening , forgiveness, regeneration, growth and development of the soul, the mind, the body, experiencing a new, deep and ancient spiritual knowledge, and exercises, secret wisdom, practices and more.

The Tao is the way. Tao is the source. Tao is the universal principles and laws. Tao is greater than the greatest , smaller than the smallest . Tao is emptiness and nothingness - but in everything. The Tao is impossible to describe .

I am eternally grateful for the many large and small gifts - blessings, healing experiences and challenges that I have received on the Tao retreats.
I am eternally grateful for the way my soul was guiding me, and for leading me the way to experience the lessons of infinite depth and wisdom.
I am eternally grateful for the unconditional love and forgiveness that I have received. I am infinitely grateful to be on the soul's journey with Master Sha .
I am eternally grateful for the soul enlightenment and all the soul enlightenments which I was allowed to receive.
I am eternally grateful to my Master and Teacher,  Master Zhi Gang Sha, for his unconditional love for all humanity and all souls.

The Tao I, II , III, IV including the Soul Enlightenment Retreat will be very unique again, I am very shure.

Join with me and many others - in person or via webcast - :
Tao I, II, III & IV Combined Retreats for Healing , Rejuvenation and Longevity with Master Sha , Estes Park

Sending you much love and light
Master Elisabeth

Slide Show TAO Retreat in Estes Park, Colorado, November 2010


October 21, 2013


I welcome you from my heart on my Blog-page.
"My soul healing miracle journey for opening the heart and transforming emotions."

I am indefinitely grateful, that I have met my teacher Master Sha. Through his teaching and exercises of the soul mind body medicine® and the Tao way of self healing he opened me for my spiritual journey.

I was experiencing fear, sorrow and feelings of loneliness sometimes with a reason and often without any reason - in my life for many years. In my profession as social worker, therapeutic consultant and healer for psychotherapy and in many different trainings of holistic healing methods I have gained a lot of knowhow and practical experiences that helped me a lot in my personal and professional life.

The sorrow and fears improved but they always returned .

In the 6 years of being on my soul journey with Master Sha – I have learned, that the root cause of these feelings come from closing our hearts and from separation. Separation from what? From Divine, from Tao, the Source, from Oneness. How? Through thoughts, words, behaviors and actions. Being separated, left alone and every type of imbalance in all levels of the body or life areas can be traced back to spiritual, mental, emotional and physical blockages. As we release these blockages and heal our soul, heart, mind and body we can meld as one with all aspects of our life.

"Heal the soul first, then mind and body will follow" is the one sentence secret of the soul mind body medicine.

The teachings and exercises of the soul mind body medicine have helped me to open and expand my heart, transform feelings of sorrow in light and joy, and to be stronger and happier.

Through the practice of the Four Power Technique® and through many healing blessings of Master Sha I was able to transform my inner sadness and expand my heart and open more . I am indefinitely grateful.

I would like to share the knowledge, the wisdom and the practical techniques which helped me so successfully on my path and for my service for other people to help them become healthier and happier.

I invite you to do this practice for heart opening right now because doing the practice is an important key for self-healing.

Practice for Heart Opening

Body Power: Place one hand on your heart, the other hand below your navel.

Soul Power: Say the following invocation out loud or silently:

Dear soul, mind and body of my heart, I love you. You have the power to fully open. Dear soul, mind and body of the Tao, the Source, I love you. Please open my heart. I am deeply appreciative and very grateful.

Mind Power:Visualize your heart radiating crystal light.

Sound Power:Repeat the following Mantra for 3 to 5 minutes:

I love my heart, Tao love opens my heart.
I love my heart, Tao love opens my heart.
I love my heart, Tao love opens my heart.
I love my heart, Tao love opens my heart.
I am delighted to serve you more and receive questions and feedback from you.

With deep love for all of you
Master Elisabeth

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